Sunday, September 6, 2009

ES Collection 2009 - underwear and swimwear

Barcelona, Spain appears to be a hot centre of activity. Here is the ES Collection 2009, underwear and swimwear, complete with some really hot-looking fashions along with some exciting male models showing them off to their best advantage. The fact that these models are such fine examples of physical perfection just adds immensely to the experience. Here are some of the hottest photos that get my attention!

Who needs signal flags when you've got plenty of hot underwear at hand (above)? And it's always good to keep your priorities straight!

It's great to have friends along to share the activites with, and to keep warm perhaps?

And what better way to finish a day on the slopes than having one of your favourite hot beverages, like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and perhaps some mulled wine!!! If you'd like to learn more about the ES Collection, check out the following two links [ ] and [ ] for more details. Enjoy!!! - V.

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