Sunday, April 5, 2009

Taylor Kitsch - actor - model

Yesterday I decided to do some research on a photo that has appeared on at least one blog that I know. The photo turns out to be of actor and model Taylor Kitsch, born in Kelowna, British Columbia on April 8, 1981. His birthday is coming up soon guys, so you might want to wish him a good one! Anyway, you might know him from NBC's Friday Night Lights where he plays the character of Tim Higgins.
Taylor's a really hot-looking guy, well muscled and I love that smile, don't you? Below are a few photos from the latest series he's on, Friday Night Lights! He also had a part in the movie, The Covenant, which I have in my dvd collection.

The above photo appears to be from a set he was working on and below is the photo that got my interest in the first place.

Taylor is a former Abercrombie and Fitch model but has also appeared in advertisements for Diesel, Clairol, Liz Clairborne and others. He moved to New York in 2002 where he had the opportunity to pursue modeling with IMG and study acting with coach Sheila Gray. Taylor stayed in New York for two years where he also became a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. Then he moved to Los Angeles, California to study acting for eight months. Taylor did print with Nous Model Management and Abercrombie and Fitch. As far as I know from the research I've done, he is currently living in Vancouver, so we're back to near home and right in my backyard! Taylor is certainly an up and coming young Canadian actor worth watching!!! And as far as fitness is concerned, if Taylor and others can work their bodies into perfection, so can you, if thats not enough motivation for you. Meantime, enjoy the pics!


MAC said...

I can't wait to see him in the new X-Men movie coming out in May. He'll be sharing the screen with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, YUMMY!!!

Volker said...

I've seen the first X-Men movie (even have the dvd), so would love to see the new one coming out with the actors as you mentioned. I guess I should get the others in the series while I'm at it.

Meantime, its just after 9 pm here and I've just finished a late supper of duck (leg only) with home-cooked sweet and sour red cabbage with potatoes. The left overs are going to work tomorrow!

Have a great Easter!