Monday, April 13, 2009

Burnaby Mountain - Spring

This afternoon (Monday) I was up on Burnaby Mountain to have a look at how far along the Japanese cherry trees are to blooming. Well, they've just started and I guess should be a better show by next weekend. Those at lower elevations are about a week ahead of those on the mountain.

The view is spectacular from the western end of the mountain looking west toward Vancouver, Burrard Inlet and the Coast Mountains. The image below shows Capital Hill in the centre with Vancouver and Stanley Park off in the distance.

There is a closer view of Capital Hill above and then you can see a shower in progress in the photo below (or does that start as snow?).

Then there are cases of finding the unexpected on such trips out, like this person trying out his parachute technique over and over again. He really didn't get enough lift since the winds would die down all of a sudden but here is a series of shots showing his attempts. Then he would do this over and over again. Good for working on the technique though! Have a great week!!!

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