Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brock Harris - model

Brock Harris, a 21 year old model from Stillwater, Oklahoma, is a Junior Music Theatre student in Hartford, Connecticut in the eastern United States (New England) who is primarily pursuing a career in acting while modeling on the side. He certainly has the looks and well-defined physique for acting and should do quite well. Meantime, Brock appears to be doing very well modeling. He is represented by Renegade Models, who you can contact if you wish to book him for a shoot.
His statistics are: height 5'10", weight 160 lbs, measurements 41-30-29 (shouldn't that be 41-29-30?), shoe size 10.5 (mine's 11), short blond hair, blue eyes, Caucasian ethnicity and white skin colour. Check out Model Mayhem at or check for model #827228 on that website. And while you're checking out Model Mayhem, have a look at Tetu ( ) for more hotties. You can tell from the photos that there are a number of rolls he could play as an actor. I certainly could see him playing a part in a western (check first pic) or in a movie involving a sports theme just to mention two. He'll cerainly inspire others to follow his lead. Brock's certainly another model worth watching as his career progresses! - V.

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