Sunday, April 12, 2009

English Bay - Easter Sunday

Today, Easter Sunday, I made a late start out but found myself in Vancouver once again. After completing a couple of errands plus getting some Blossom White Tea and a piece of Lemon Poppyseed Loaf, I began a walk along the seawall toward the 3rd beach on English Bay (Stanley Park). We had pouring rain all day but it let up by the time I got to Vancouver. It was at that time that I wished I had taken my Sony camera along, the larger, better one! I made due with the small camera (HP) and these are just some of the photos that resulted. The image above was taken from the main beach.
Part of the way along the main beach I had a following: a flock of mostly pigeons and a few crows! I managed to get a photo of one of the crows. Mind you, its at one end of the park bench and I'm at the other!!!
There is a view of the main beach above and a view taken from the 3rd beach. A clearing was developing and the weather only got better as the afternoon and evening progressed.
Looking at the last photo you wouldn't think we're just north of the 49th parallel would you? The fan palm at the 3rd beach is deceiving! Let's see what kind of weather comes our way on Easter Monday. - V.

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