Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time Change

In case you forgot this was the weekend of the time change where the clocks went ahead one hour before going to bed Saturday evening. Monday's the start of a new work week and I wouldn't want anyone to be late for anything. I hope you've made a note. Meantime, I was in Vancouver's Stanley Park Sunday afternoon. These are just some of the photos that resulted from that trip. There are a group of small birds gathered feeding at a bridge in the park above and below you see a Western Spotted Towhee. The bird in the photo below that looks like a female Red-winged Blackbird but I'll have to check my bird book to be certain.

And if you're wondering about the signs of spring here in the Greater Vancouver area, the rhododendrons blooming in Stanley Park near the tennis courts should be a gave away but as nice as that is, by the time I took my return trip on the SkyTrain to New Westminster it was snowing some and the landscape, buildings, trees all were coated in white. Its just a dusting but enough to remind us who's the boss: Mother Nature! Have a great week!!!


Lez Hard said...

Nice pics

Volker said...

Thanks! There are more of them at my other blog, Haliaeetus.