Tuesday, March 31, 2009

False Creek - South Shore

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day, so while I was in Vancouver I took the opportunity to take a walk along the south shore of False Creek from Science World to the Burrard Street bridge via Granville Island and then into town. Of several dozen photos I took, these are just a few to whet your interest. If you look carefully, signs of spring are everywhere. The photo above shows a weathervane/artwork at Science World and then a better view of Science World below with the row of highrise condos behind.

The work on the Winter Olympic Village is progressing as the next few photos will indicate. The last time I took images of the scene was last autumn. The photo above shows the False Creek looking west. The village is on the left and Yaletown on the right. Then there are further images showing the work that has been done at the site of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Then the photo above was taken from the Cambie Street bridge and shows Yaletown in the background. The image below looks up a small hill near the water with a forsythia shrub in bloom about halfway up.

Then there is a view of a small hill on the eastern end of Granville Island and a street scene below.

Plantings of spring flowers are present to delight the soul and there are reminders of the forthcoming cherry festival coming to Vancouver. Check out the two images below. I hope you've enjoyed this little diversion from the thoughts of winter, especially if you've still got snow on the ground where you are!


MAC said...

Stunning shots. Thanks for sharing. HVAE A YUMMY DAY!!!

Volker said...

There'll be more of those photos posted on Haliaeetus very soon, perhaps even this evening, but I do intend to get some shots of the cherry trees coming in bloom this month. Some of the early ones are already blooming! You all have a great day too!