Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring approaches

Spring is just a little over a week away as the temperatures warm up once again here in the Vancouver area. Thoughts of adding some plants to the balcony are on my mind. This will likely include a mixed assortment of heathers in a half-barrel planter perhaps plus some mini-roses to add some additional colour. Having been a past member of The Heather Society (UK) plus a member of a local horticultural society in southwestern Ontario, I have a very good idea what will work for such a limited space and dress up the place a bit. I know where I can order the plants but I am just doing some research on the containers and other materials such as sand, peat and garden loam/potting soil. There'll be more news on this later.

Meantime, the temperatures have been warming up nicely to near 10 degrees Celsius along with sun today and this should continue through the weekend. There is talk of rain but we can always use a bit of that to give the spring flowers a wake-up call. As mentioned in previous posts, snowdrops, crocuses, and the first rhododendrons are in bloom. There is a lot more to follow!

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