Monday, March 3, 2008


Today (Monday) was a dull, rainy, overcast day, a typical day in Vancouver during the winter months. A good things is that the daylight hours are getting longer, the rain less frequent and the temperatures warmer. As signs of spring go, various spring flowers are in bloom such as the snowdrops and crocuses, even some daffodils in places. We have something to look forward to but are mindful that the rest of Canada is still deep in the throws of winter.

While on an afternoon break at work, I was looking at the newspaper (The Province) when the current day's horoscope caught my attention. Since I'm a Leo, I had a look at the entry that pertained to that sign in today's paper (March 3rd).

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You're keen to experience life at a deeper level. You don't want to merely talk about it or observe it. You want to live it fully! You want to reach out like Keats and grab life fully with both hands. "Beauty is truth, truth is beauty - that is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know."

What do you think? I tried to have a look at the Gemini entry but someone had cut out something on the next page, so a large part of that entry was missing. My friend Brad is a Gemini, the young salty is am referring to in the blog header description. He's also my co-author, so we hope to hear plenty from Brad over time. There are no accidents in life for all has meaning and a reason for being so. Any thoughts on this from your own perspective?

On another matter, working as a concierge at an administrative centre has its excitement and boring periods when very little happens. Most of the day is spent signing in visitors, issuing cards to visitors and also employees who've forgotten their own cards. There is accepting mail and sending it out plus other duties. It's mostly dull, routine stuff really with a few interesting moments (99 % dull, 1% excitement, and not always of the good kind). More to say on my life, my interests, interactions with others and the adventure to come in forthcoming posts but this is a start.

Not much of a post but a start for this new blog about the experiences, thoughts, perspectives and such of two friends. We're due to learn plenty about each other, ourselves and how others feel about us in the process. Perhaps you'll even learn something about yourselves too! Surely this will enrichs each of us and others as well. There will be a few photos thrown in from time to time to keep it interesting. Feel free to comment when the mood strikes!

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