Thursday, March 20, 2008

Apartment hunting

Well, I've been apartment hunting in earnest since early February looking for a decent two bedroom apartment for Brad and I.  Yesterday after work I went to look at a 2 bedroom apartment on Kingsway near Joyce Street in east Vancouver.  I could have saved myself the trouble.  At 750 square feet it was definitely too small even for one and lacked enough closets and storage space.  The master bedroom was small and the second was of such a size that I've seen walk-in closets that were larger.  It probably took me less than five minutes to decide this was definitely not the one.  At $1000 per month it was no bargain, so I told the lady thanks but I'll keep looking.

I did send out an email to get more information on a 2 bedroom apartment in "downtown" Vancouver asking for the rough location (i.e. downtown Eastside or Westside) and the square footage.  The reply had none of that and gave me information I didn't ask for.  Besides, it turned out that the unit was furnished, something the Craig's List article didn't say.  I asked for a straight answer and got something other than what I asked for.  So, I sent a reply that I would continue looking.

Now I've found a two bedroom apartment at a complex in Coquitlam.  Two bedroom units of up to 1000 square feet have rent up to $915 per month.  More reasonable!  In order to compare, a two bedroom unit I saw in north Burnaby was renting at $1130 per month.  As you get closer to Vancouver, the rent go up and the further away from the city you get the lower the rents get but then transportation costs rise the further out one gets.  So I sent out an inquiry regarding the one in Coquitlam and hope to see a unit soon.  The complex is close to a major mall and the SkyTrain and there are plenty of buses, including ones to Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Burnaby.  This complex seems very promising.  By the way, I didn't find this one in Craig's List but in a bi-monthly rental guide.  I've pretty well given up on Craig's List for now at least until there are some improvements, like more photos.  Very few have them.

Today I heard the results of a loan application.  It was approved but not for the amount I was asking for.  A thousand dollars will help though.  Between that and what I have (including what I'm getting pay-wise) that will help cover the first month's rent and deposit.  Let you know more as this search continues.  -  Volker

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