Sunday, November 20, 2011


There's snow in the forecast for us here on the west coast, more in the upper elevations and just a dusting for the valley, but we will see how this all translates in reality.  It may be a different world by Monday evening but then the rest of the country has had its share of the white stuff, so its our turn.  With Cypress Mountain resort open early and likely others to follow soon, the skiers should be very happy!

Meanwhile, as the weeks go by it is getting colder and colder at night and the day time not as warm.  We've had a few frosty nights this month so far and can expect more.  I was just checking The Weather Network and temperatures on the prairies are cold, extremely cold, in the -20 to -30 range.  All this is on top of the snow they've had over the weekend.  For us it won't get as cold as all that but we have heard that our winter will be drier and colder than most winters previous.  Let's see what happens!

Good Night, guys! - V

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