Thursday, November 10, 2011

A couple of days ago I was on my way home on the SkyTrain when I decided to change at Broadway Station and walk over to Commercial Station to continue on home from that point.  Once on the train I noticed a young guy seated ahead of me.  I was standing next to one of the doors not far from him.  He was wearing a cap with flaps similar to this but with cloth, not fur, a patterned design.  This guy also wore a red plaid jacket with a white background plus medium-blue cotton denim jeans and runners.  Under the jacket he had a dark blue cotton shirt with lettering on it.  His face was flushed red, from the colder temperatures outside no doubt.  Our eyes met briefly.  I'm partial to blue or green eyes but brown eyes are okay too.  What's most important is the energy coming from the person.  We can all feel a connection if we feel a positive vibe.  He was on the train when I got on, so must have gotten on at the college, VCC-Clarke.

Later the seat next to him near the window became free and he moved over.  A short while later I decided to sit down where he had been sitting but now next to him.  Busy on his smartphone, his right elbow lightly nudged me in the ribs each time his fingers moved on his device.  It actually felt pleasant, and he also looked a me a couple of times as if wanting to make contact.  Perhaps I should have!  He got off at Lougheed Station but I'm have to wait for another time to introduce myself.  Life doesn't have to be boring.  There are interesting things or adventures around every corner.  What do you think? - V

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