Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've spent most of the weekend indoors to get things done there. Just as well since it was raining sporadically Saturday, though the morning looked promising with the sunshine but cloud moved in toward the afternoon. Today its been mostly rain all day, heavier toward evening, but then the laundry had to be done. Just as well.

So all afternoon was spent getting the laundry out of the way and then getting some work done at the computer. Evening got me in the kitchen to get a late supper on the stove, nothing fancy, just duck legs seared on diced onions and then slow cooked with diced red cabbage. I'll add some honey and vinegar to the cabbage once its done. Left overs tomorrow will be served with boiled potatoes!

There's more to be done, so tomorrow is another day for that.

In other news, the apartment has mice again, so I've set some old fashioned kinds to get them. I'll send the photographic evidence to the landlord later. Now that the traps have been set the critters seem to be scarce. Its just one of those things.

Keep Tyler in your dreams and I'm sure you'll have a restful sleep! Have a good night, guys! More news later. - V


tamayn said...

I guess it's better than D-Con. I still feel bad about the traps though. Infestation is less than desirable though too....

Hope dinner was good!

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Better yet would be for the landlord to plug the holes through which the mice enter the building, otherwise its like having a water leak and emptying pail after pail of water rather than getting at the source of the leak in the first place. A lot of wasted effort.

As for my supper, yes, it was very good. There is some left over for Tuesday evening when I plan to served the remaining duck and sweet and sour cabbage with boiled potatoes. This sort of stuff always tastes better the second day! - V