Friday, November 19, 2010

the weather

Well, arctic air has moved south. It was snowing lightly as I went to bed Thursday evening and its snowing now but a bit heavier. The temperature of +2 Celcius is to drop to -2 over night. The weather warning issued today calls for some accumulation of snow. I'll let you know Saturday just how much that has translated to. The colder weather (for here) is to continue through the weekend but things are projected to warm up a bit by next weekend.

The ski slopes at Whistler north of Vancouver have opened up for the winter season. A week ago or so there was about 40 cm of the white stuff and more to come. This should be welcomed news the the skiers and snowboarders out there.

Looking at the local mountains, they are dusted with snow and the mountains further inland have a greater amount of it. Here in Greater Vancouver we are largely free of the stuff though this morning there was a slight accumulation in south Burnaby as I observed from the passing SkyTrain.

If you are in the midst of winter-like weather, enjoy it if you can making sure to dress warmly and for the conditions. Have a great weekend! - V

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