Saturday, August 7, 2010


After what seems like an eternity, we finally have some rain. All summer we've had less than 1 mm of rain. This will change all that. It'll also clear the air of all that soot that was causing problems for some of us, including breathing problems and eye irritations. I had eye irritations, especially the left eye and a dripping nose. Vancouver, where I work, seemed to be worse than at home in New Westminster. Wednesday the mountains were shrouded in smog and Thursday you couldn't even see them, the air was so thick with smog.

Now with the slow, steady rain this should be a blessing to our trees and plants as well as to clearing the air so we can see everything as we normally do. All things considered, we are still far better off than the city of Moscow, Russia which also has thick smog with soot from the many forest fires burning there. There its not only the smog but carbon monoxide gas warnings added to that. Its the worst air quality they've had in a hundred years! Heat and dry temperatures continue.

Vancouver's air quality had so much particulate in the air that it was at a 4 and 5 on the air quality index. The interior was at 7 and probably still is in many places except where the rain is falling to make a difference.

With the rain I'm spending my time indoors getting things done there! What are you doing this weekend? Have a good one regardless of what you choose to do!!! - V

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