Thursday, October 1, 2009


The weather here on the west coast of British Columbia (certainly the lower mainland) has taken a drastic turn since the weekend. Cool temperatures and even cooler nights have replaced the warm, and sometimes very hot, summer temperatures. It's been rainy since Monday, though yesterday (Tuesday) saw a break in the overcast weather and some sunshine graced our skies that day. It was rainy again today but this is normal for this time of year once summer is behind us. The weekend coming has sun in the forecast but let's see what comes!

When the weather co-operates, I get out to take as many interesting photos as I can. There are quite a few to edit yet but more will be posted once they're available. Then the photos to the second part of Hollyburn Peak need to be posted as well. Soon!

Toward the end of August I was honoured to learn that my dear friend Brad had decided to take a course in modern photography. I'm so proud of him and hope he learned a lot plus enjoyed the time taking the course! For now that's about all I'll say about him. I'd prefer he tell his story in his own words and in his own way and time! He'll have his own contributions to make in due time!!!

Now, I'm off to bed. I'm up early at 5 am to have a shower, a leisurely breakfast and otherwise get ready for work. It's after 9 pm now and closing in on 10. Have a great night and keep viewing this blog for more! - V.

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