Sunday, October 18, 2009

David Oliver - more images

A while back I did a post on the American model, David Oliver, but after a few days of research on where his modeling career is taking him, I found some more images to post. There are about 98 photos of him available online. The ones I presented in the last post on him, and in this post, are just some of them. As mentioned previously, David is represented by Red Model Management of New York City. You might also want to check out their blog here. The Australian gay magazine, DNA, also has a blog, so check that one out too! The photos presented in this post are by New York photographer, Walter Kurtz. I love the use of the dark background and the use of light to bring out the well defined muscles that David has developed. The tattoo should be of interest to those that are in to tattoos, right Bodhi? Personally, I find these photos to be the hottest so far. I see a lot of potential in this model, don't you? Enjoy the pics and comment if the mood strikes!!! - V.

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