Thursday, October 1, 2009


Autumn is here for certain with cooler daytime temperatures and even much cooler nights. It averages in the mid-teens (Celsius) during the day and near the upper single didgets during the night. It's expected to be sunny again this weekend but we'll see. Currently it's been raining but we need some of that too. This past weekend was very pleasant t-shirt type weather. With the cooler nights we are seeing a lot of fall colour in the area. These photos were taken Sunday. The first photo isn't of the autumn colour but I really do like the colour and design of the highrise condo on West Pender Street in Vancouver.
The rest of the pics show the emerging fall colour along West Georgia Street (Vancouver) as I walk closer to Stanley Park. Then the last photo shows the colour as I near the park with the Coast Mountains in the background! Take a look around you and take the time to enjoy the scenery!!! - V.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the photo journey.
Pender and Bute, my old hood!

SpiritMountainGuy said...

You're welcome!