Sunday, August 30, 2009


This has been an slow, easy weekend with small things to do about the apartment like cleaning and laundry. The latter is something I'm doing right now. I am also getting things together to sell a stamp collection. Part of it is packed away in one of the many boxes I have stacked along one wall in the livingroom but I'll find it. I've found other things though that I've been looking for some time, such as the block for kitchen knives, which I found in a box with drapes that had been packed away from a move years ago. How it got there would be anyone's guess since I've used the block when I already out here. Such is life!

Speaking of taking it easy, I thought you might all appreciate these photos and its just how I sleep, too: on my back and in the nude! Anyway, I digress. After the laundry is done I'm off to Vancouver for the afternoon to check out English Bay Beach plus do some grocery shopping (has to be done too!). Enjoy the sights and sounds around you and, most of all, have a great Sunday!!! - V.

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