Monday, May 19, 2008

Victoria Day Weekend

Well, Saturday I spent my first day of the weekend at home doing things around the apartment and doing much needed laundry! That freed up Sunday to get out and go into Vancouver.

Saturday, I left the apartment late in the morning (nearing noon) walking up hill toward Braid SkyTrain station. The sun was beating down and I was perspiring perfusely but it was the nicest weather we have had in weeks. Up to now its been largely overcast with some rain. The sun only teased us with the occasional showing now and then.

Once I was on the SkyTrain I sat at the last seat (single) at the end of the train. A couple of hot young guys took a double seat next to me. That seat was facing me. They looked like a couple of cool dudes with their shades chatting with each other in Spanish. I assumed they were of Mexican background with the dark hair and such. They were very comfortable, and in the heat as it was, who wouldn't be. One was wearing a red t-shirt and light-coloured khakis and the other a green t-shirt and jeans. At one point the latter dozed off. His right knee brushed my right thigh and he pulled back upright in his seat. Guess he got a bit too relaxed? I chuckled to myself. It all reminded me of a friend in North Carolina, also of Mexican background. Anyway, whether they were gay or str8 matters little. They were nice to have around until I got off the train at Burrard station.

After a washroom break it was off to Stanley Park for a walk on the seawall around the park. I took a slight detour by checking out the Rosegarden area, walked past the pavillion where I saw a peahen making its rounds near the parked cars and then rejoined the seawall downhill just past the pavillion. It was hot and I was still perspiring! There were a lot of people walking, cycling or roller blading along. Some were out in the water at the third beach and other beaches closer to the main beach at English Bay. This was the first weekend where the beaches were open for swimming and manned by lifeguards. I'm sure the water must not have been too warm yet because there would have been more out in the water if warmer water had been the case.

I was exhausted and had a supper at one of my favourite Starbucks outlets at Davie and Thurlow Streets. Nothing fancy, just a sandwich, yogurts with granola and berries plus a rootbeer to wash everything down. Later, before catching the train home, I bought another rootbeer. They taste so good when its hot out. Since I don't have much in the way of soft drinks, it was more of a treat!

There will be some photos once I get around to downloading them later today. Meantime, hope you had a great weekend where you are!!! - Volker

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