Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I finished some green tea I had made earlier and somehow a small moth may have gotten into my tea. The windows are open and these parts of the country don't have screens. So, I got rid of the insect and dumped the rest of the tea (not too much left).

Its better than the 1970s when i was riding my bike one evening and inhaled a moth which I had to swallow (it was too far down to spit out). I could taste the powdery wings, etc. Oh well, as you see I'm still here, so it didn't hurt me as far as I know and I didn't turn into a "mothman!"

And with that story, I'm off to bed, so have a good night, guys! - V

another hike coming up

I've got another hike coming up this weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. Then I'll spend Monday editing photos plus scanning some slides (I'm looking at my Salzburg, Austria trip from the summer of 1972, which will be posted along with a story about the von Trapp family and the movie, the Sound of Music. The Salzburg region is where the film was set). Something to look forward to. Its a long weekend as well! - V

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Its bedtime for me. Let Renato provide us with some fodder for a restful sleep. Well, it certainly can't hurt! Good night, guys!!! - V

Saturday, August 27, 2011

looking back

Stefan is looking back but at whom or what? I'm off to bed now. Have a good night, guys! - V


So, is Gary texting you or someone else? I hope you're all having a fun weekend! - V

taking it easy

I was originally going to go out for a short hike (Jug Island Trail) but I ended up deciding to stay at home to rest for a change. I may head out to Vancouver tomorrow afternoon to do some photography. Monday I'm back to work. Next weekend being the long weekend, I plan to get out for another hike in the Buntzen Lake area. I may as well take advantage of the rest while I can! Have an awesome weekend, guys! - V

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eagle Bluff

Rather than hike up to the top of Eagle Mountain on Saturday afternoon, I decided to complete the hike to Eagle Bluff first and save the other for later. It was well worth the effort considering the view that was to await me. Enjoy this image. Check out my photo blog for more photos which will be posted as soon as they are all edited. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! - V

Friday, August 19, 2011

by the seashore

Here's a hottie by the seashore. I won't be on the water's edge but high up on a mountain on Saturday. Have an awesome weekend, guys! - V

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a view from Eagle Mountain

This is a view looking west-southwest looking from Eagle Mountain. Off in the distance is downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park with English Bay behind that. More photos coming. - V

Sunday, August 14, 2011


After the hike yesterday (approx. 8 hours or so) a shower this morning felt awesome, good and hot to sooth my body of its aches and pains. Now that the shower dude has your attention... - V


Here's a guy in underwear to divert your attention. I hope you've all had an awesome weekend! - V

hot muscles

Well, while I'm editing photos from yesterday's hike, here are some muscles to divert your attention while you wait. Enjoy! - V

Eagle Mountain hike

Yesterday was overcast and dull but it did improve considerably by afternoon in time for my hike to Eagle Mountain. The photo above was taken on the mountain trail looking west toward Buntzen Lake. Because of time restraints I wasn't able to cover the distance I had planned which was to hike up as far as Croker Lookout, north of Buntzen Lake. For that, I'll have to leave earlier next time round. As it was, I only made about the third of the distance. There will be more photos as I get them edited. Meantime, enjoy this one! - V

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Its Sunday evening here on the west coast. There's been some resurfacing of the main road being done outside during the evening hours (Thursday and Friday plus some this evening). Back east it would be done during the week days, not after hours or on weekends to save on premium costs of labour. Here I guess they're less concerned with the cost and more with keeping the traffic flowing. The noise just causes an slight issue but I guess that's how they prefer doing things here. I close the bedroom window anyway. Good thing its not as hot as it normally is this time of year.

I cooked up the chorizo venison sausages this evening and had some of them with the leftover rice from the previous night. The sausages are certainly tasty! Now as the evening draws to a close, its time for bed. A new workweek starts in the morning. Have a good night and an awesome week, guys! - V

Saturday, August 6, 2011

birthday coming up

It that time of year when my birthday comes fast and furious. That date is a week from tomorrow (Sunday). I'd most like to have my bf (Brad) with me even if temporarily. If that weren't possible, even a message from him would suffice at this point. Yes, I'm concerned about him. I wouldn't be telling you the truth if I said otherwise. This always happens when i haven't heard from him for a while but as in the past, he always delivers and makes contact when it counts! I know he doesn't have ready access to a computer, so messaging me is a challenge even if he wants to do it badly. I get in a little melancholy mood when this time period comes. Meantime, I have a whole week of work to go before that weekend comes. I hope your's has been awesome! That's the way it should be. - V

hot dudes II

This image would best describe the look of the hot guy in my previous post. Picture this but with shorter stubble and a jacket in white. So, Zac will have to stand in for this guy today. Check out more hot dudes on the blog called Sawdust Caesars. The link is in the right-hand sidebar. Have an awesome weekend, guys! - V

hot dudes

Yesterday morning I was on my way to work on the SkyTrain heading for Burrard Station as usual when a couple of good-looking guys got on the train, can't remember which station, but they sat opposite to me and were occasionally conversing in German with each other. Both appeared to be in their early 20s , of slim build and hot looking, especially the guy on my left wearing shades. Both appeared to be tall and just over six feet in height, like my bf. The one wearing the sunglasses was dressed in white. I took quick glances at him now and then. He reminded me of my bf! His partner was examining a map of BC as the train was nearing the downtown. They didn't get off at Burrard but continued on to Waterfront. If I didn't have to work, I would have struck up a conversation and perhaps joined them, even offered to be a tour guide of sorts. It would have given me a chance to use my German. Every now and then I see someone I can't seem to take my eyes off of. Do you have such experiences? - V


Its overcast today but the sun comes and goes just the same. We've been having very odd weather this year. Both spring and summer have been cooler than normal. By late morning it was only 18 degrees Celsius and the high may reach above 20. It certainly helps if the sun is around longer. We aren't there yet but who knows what autumn will bring!

Since being off work for five weeks due to the mini-stroke I had in early May, finances are tight as I try to get caught up with payments that are due. It'll be another couple of months of tight finances but its doable.

I've been using my supplies in the freezer and the kitchen cupboard to make meals. The freezer isn't empty yet but its getting there. I made a rice dish for lunch today, a mix of brown and wild rice with pieces of sun-dried tomato, diced onion, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and taragon leaves added. I started by hearing olive oil in the pan and then softening the diced onions in it. The other ingredients were added afterwards along with hot, boiling water which was topped up as needed. I've been doing this for decades. This evening I plan to take a package of sausages out of the freezer (a mix of deer and pork) and have some of them with the leftovers tomorrow. I'll be working on restocking the freezer and the kitchen cupboard next month. Up to now its been a case of supplementing what I have with fresh fruit and vegetables. Its amazing what you can do if you are resourceful and the circumstances warrant it.

I did arrange for an advance from work but that is being paid back now each month. There's another pay due on Friday when things will be easier. Each month will get better. Its just a matter of having a plan and carrying through on it! - V

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

pride 2011 - yet more photos

Somehow I had overlooked these photos when posting yesterday. Here they are now. Enjoy! - V

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pride 2011 - more photos

Sunday the weather was just excellent. Here are some more photos from the pride parade. Enjoy, and feel free to comment or ask questions! - V