Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scott Herman by Joseph Smileuske

Since we're on a theme of white undies, here is my friend Scott Herman wearing white 2(x)ist underwear. The photos are by NYC photographer, Joseph Smileuske, who graciously gave me permission to post these photos. Joseph does an admirable job at catching Scott and his awesome muscles at his best. Check the right-hand sidebar for the link to Joseph Smileuske Photography for more awesome images. And if you're wanting to build up your own physique, check out Scott Herman Fitness. That link is also in the right-hand sidebar. Enjoy your journey!!! - V

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Its another weekend and I've chosen to spend it at home. I slept in until just after 10 am before getting up to shower and start my day. I started with breakfast, nothing too fancy, just toast, some fruit (a pear) and Earl Grey tea, one of my favourite teas! There are times when a slow, easy day is what's needed. How did your day start off?

After that, I decided to read emails before doing anything else on the computer became impossible that I had to shut it down. That's a problem when it over heats but its strange in that it can either run for hours without issues or just a couple and then crash.

The Christmas cactus on the dining room table is in full bloom. I do hope I still have at least a few flowers left once Christmas comes around. Otherwise, I may have to buy another one, or another Pointsettia plant.

There are a few interesting posts coming up so keep coming back for more! Good night, guys! There'll be more tomorrow (Sunday). - V

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

more white undies

Well, if you were inspired by the last pic of white undies, here's another to keep you going through the week. Enjoy! - V

Sunday, October 24, 2010

white undies

White undies are my favourites, especially fitted boxers, but also other styles of underwear. This hottie fills his rather nicely, don't you think? Have an awesome week, guys!!!! - V


The laundry was done earlier in the afternoon and now I'm busy cooking up supper. Seeing as its after 9 pm, its a bit late but still needs doing. Today I braised a duck leg on diced onion and then added diced red cabbage to cook slowly over low heat. Added to the cabbage after its cooked will be some honey and white wine vinegar, so that its sweet and sour in taste. I'll be off to bed shortly after its done. I'll have it tomorrow evening along with boiled potatoes. The potatoes taste better fresh and the cabbage is better the day after. In the latter case, it allows the flavours to mingle. Since I'm lactose intolerant, cabbage is a good source of calcium, as is anything in the cabbage family.

I know, its not a very exciting weekend but since its been raining, especially this morning, and so much needed doing, there was no sense in heading out any where. Have a great week, guys!!! - V

Saturday, October 23, 2010


For those that know me on Windows Live Messenger, I have migrated my blog from Spaces over to Its set as private, so only my messenger friends, such as B, can view the blog and posts. As a first post, I posted a photo of myself along with some background information on it. There will be other posts and photos, especially once I get my new photo scanner in November. For my messenger friends, put your settings on allowing notices of a new post from Otherwise, you may not be able to read them and my messenger friends are the ones that are supposed to be able to read my new posts on Volker's space.

Speaking of Messenger, I tried to send a few emails to one of my friends on the list but I received a message that sending them failed. I may try another option and send them from one of my other email accounts to test a theory that only my hotmail account is so affected since copies sent to my Yahoo account were received without incident. I'll have more on this later.

Once I get the new photo scanner, I plan to post some photos here too but none that are personal (i.e. of myself) for now at any rate. - V

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Since we're well into the month of October, Halloween is not all that far off. Here are some photo I took in January one year during a warm spell which saw the nearby Fraser Cemetery in New Westminster's Sapperton covered in fog. A rather eerie look, don't you think?!?! Above the fog was clear blue sky. I didn't find any ghouls or ghosts lurking about, so all was safe! It was late morning anyway. Just imagine what it would look like at night?!?! Enjoy the photos!!! - V

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday, while on my way to work on the SkyTrain, a cute asian guy, just a little shorter than me, got on at the 29th Street Station. Aside from being cute he was sporting a rather nice bulge in his jeans, plough as they used to say, which also had my attention.

So the train was packed as has been the case since the Labour Day weekend when students came back to school and summer vacations were done for the year. So he stood directly in front of me by the door, my back against the partition and his back to me. Every so often, as the train swayed as it proceeded into town, his body would touch mine ever so gently. It felt rather good actually. I could have easily put my arms around him if I knew him well and if he was my significant other.

Sadly, two stops later he got out to let people past and then went a little further into the train, so the moment was gone. Still it was appreciated and there's that continued longing for my boyfriend who'll certainly make it all right. I think you know who I'm talking about and so does he!

Meantime, enjoy the moment! Everything has meaning, even if we do not realize or understand it at the time. - V

Monday, October 18, 2010

Abtober Contest finals on Boston's mix 104.1 - an update

It should come as no surprise that both Scott Herman and Jamie Dominic were tied for first place in the Abtober Contest at mix 104.1. Scott advised me of this today after the two of them went over to the radio station to check on the results, and you can see why they both won top honours. Congratulations, guys!!!
The two photos above show the results of work Scott has done to perfect his physique and below you'll find a couple of photos of Jamie's efforts. You can certainly see why they came out on top. Job well done, guys!!! - V

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Abtober Contest finals on Boston's mix 104.1

Mix 104.1 in Boston, MA (U.S.A.) is holding an Abtober contest to see who has the best abs. The initial part of the contest closed Thursday of last week (October 14th) and now we're into the finals. My friends Scott Herman and Jamie Dominic are in the lead, as I thought would be the case. They're off to the finals in the morning. Let the best man win!!! - V
P.S. - It was had selecting a couple of photos of these two awesome guys. I've got lots of images of Scott but finding one that was reasonably current was an issue. Jamie's photo was another matter since I don't have many and none that I can find easily. I hope these photos give you an idea of how awesome their physiques really are. - V

define boyfriends

Yes, define boyfriends! I let mine know in no uncertain terms how I feel about him and what is to happen to make things work for both of us. There's no confusion in my mind and there shouldn't be in his. The most cherished and wildest of dreams will come true, even trips to far flung places around the globe. Hope he's here soon because I truly love him!!!
To add a little inspiration to all this, here are some images of Jerry East by the excellent photographer, Dylan Rosser. And there's more from other photographers below. Enjoy, because I sure am!!! - V

Saturday, October 16, 2010

morning shower

Here's a little something as we head into morning. A shower's great and refreshing! And Marcelino shows us the way. Have a good night or good morning where ever you are!!! - V

slow, easy day

Its been a rather slow, easy day, nothing too strenuous done at all. I slept in until 10 am, then showered and got somewhat dressed. Breakfast was very light, only a couple of blueberry muffins, a banana and some Earl Grey tea! Then it was off to the computer to read emails and stuff.

I haven't heard from Brad for over a month, since early September. This has happened before in the past. After all, I've known him for three years plus. The longest has been three or four months of nothing. Our contact has been pretty steady all year, and recently, its been at least once a week if not more often. Last I heard he was working in a camp and cooked for the guys. He only had access to the computer when the guy working on it was away. Now that summer is over he may not have as much access to it, or any for that matter. Anyway, Brad, if you do get to a computer and read this, check your emails for a surprise! That's all I'll say for now.

We had some sun here this morning with nearly cloudless skies but the daylight hours are fast coming to an end. Its still sunny but 11 degrees Celsius and expected to drop to 5 over night. We're expecting a week of sunshine, so I may be out tomorrow after laundry is done to take some photos of the autumn colour which is well advanced at this point.

Now I'm having some jalapeno and cheese foccacia bread with chicken cold cuts with tea to wash it all down. Then I'll have a nap for a bit before continuing. There's lots to do, just the motivation to do it is lacking! I'll check in later. - V

Friday, October 15, 2010


A couple of guys having some fun can mean many things to many people. It could just be hanging out together or much, much more. Let your thoughts wander and your imagination take hold! - V

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Affection, caring and tenderness shown to a lover, what more can one ask for? The honour and respect each partner shows for each other has no bounds, neither through distance nor through time can love be abated. The sandman spreads his dream sand wide and far. Sleep my friends and dream, dream of your heart's greatest desire so that those thoughts most precious may become reality! - V

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a kiss is just a kiss...

There's a song that starts off with those words but a kiss means more and says more than we may realize. Something to think about. Have a good night guys!!! - V

Monday, October 11, 2010

hot dude, hot muscles

Here's a night cap to keep you dreaming of better days to come! Have a good night, guys!!! - V


Well, I've finally completed cooking supper and will have some duck leg with sweet and sour cabbage plus boiled salt potatoes shortly. I'm using a German recipe that calls for goose legs but since I'd have to buy a whole bird, I'm using duck instead since duck breast and legs are more easily found. From what I've tasted, its great! And its all washed down with Earl Grey tea, no wine or beer yet!

I saved photos I have of Brad on a CD and have been viewing the CD all afternoon and into the evening. He's got some awesome muscles. Its just a pity that I can post any at the moment, until he gives the word of course. In the meantime, you'll just have to take my word for it and salivate for a while longer. Hey Brad, if you have the time and can get to a computer, we'd all love to see what you have to say!!! Meantime, hope all is well in the work camp!!!

Its also nearing bedtime since I'll be up at around 5 am to get ready for work. Have a good night, guys!!! - V

Sunday, October 10, 2010

hot dudes, hot muscles

Here are a few pics of hot guys from the net as a night cap. I hope they bring inspiration to you and perhaps some awesome dreams during the night! Have a good one, guys!!! - V

blogger friends

I'd like to welcome the recent additions to my blogger friends, one in Switzerland and the other in Italy. I now have 37 and they've been slowly growing over the years. The first and probably foremost is Mac over at The Yummy Blog. I started commenting on his blog even before I had any of my own. Then there's bribri and others. Check them out sometime, see what they follow and even check out their own blogs. We can learn and support each other. I'll introduce them all in the near future. Welcome, guys, and keep following!!! - V

photo scanner and other stuff

I've decided upon purchasing an Epson photo scanner (V600) for just over 200 dollars plus tax. This will have to wait until November but once I've bought it I should be able to scan various still photos for posting. This would include one of me dressed in a pink-coloured shirt, patterned brown pants and sunglasses seated by a table on a lake in West Berlin during my first visit back to Germany at age 18. The sunglasses were a necessity as the sun caused strain on my eyes after being exposed to the particulate in the air during the train trip through East German territory (remember, Germany was still divided at the time). Look for some photos over the next few months along with some commentary about them. Something to look forward to!

Meantime, I'm dong my best to shake this cold that I caught last week. I hope your weekend is better! - V

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I can't say that I'm spending a whole lot of time relaxing on a bench or in a chair but I'm in bed more trying to shake this cold that I've managed to catch from someone. It was just a tickle in the back of the throat yesterday but today its slight pain on the left side of the face, including the left side of the upper and lower pallet (teeth), the side of the face that was struck in the late 1980s in the line of duty. Some mild pain reliever, a vitamin D tablet and something to reduce the nasal drip from the left sinus and with some extra bed rest I should be as good as new in a few days. It all seems to work for me. Meantime, I hope your weekend is going better. Have a good night!!! - V